History of Armenian Evangelical Central High School

The Armenian Evangelical Central High School was founded as a primary school, for the children of the Armenian refugees, in the slums of Camp Adana, on the seashore of central Beirut, which is now the area between St. Michel and Camp Hadjin.

The school was founded in 1922, in a most unhygienic environment, under the direction of two dedicated ladies, Miss Jemileh Kardashian and Miss Rahel Yacoubian.

The founder was Rev. Yenovk Hadidian, who felt an urgent need to have a school for the children in the streets. His aim was to give these children an education in Christian Armenian tradition.
In 1923, the school moved to a large building which served as school during weekdays and as church on Sundays.
In 1931 the school was better organized under the able direction of Mr. George Gaidzagian.

In 1932 the school was moved to its present building on a high plateau in Ashrefieh district.  This school building, the church hall and two playgrounds were donated to the Armenian Evangelicals by Mr. Rigs, in memory of his wife and daughter.
In 1938 and 1939 the seventh and eighth grade classes were added, making it a junior high school under the directorship of Mr. Hagop Boujikanian.
It was the first months of 1943 that the Board of Directors of the school, decided to raise the standard of the school to a full secondary school.  In autumn of 1943, they invited Rev. Edward Tovmassian as the principal of the school and assistant pastor, and Rev. Manaseh Shnorhokian (at that time Mr. Manaseh) as academic dean.
In the following years two more able forces, Miss Pepronia Merjanian and Mr. Kegham Mississian, joined the school.
The years between 1943 and 1950 were the years of a fundamental transition of   the school.  Now it was fully recognized as the Armenian Evangelical Central High School.  Its aim was to provide a high quality education to our new generation, in an Armenian Christian atmosphere.
The Central High School soon became a respected and appreciated institution of higher learning.
 In the autumn of 1945 two of our graduates from 10th grade succeeded in the entrance examination of the Freshman Class of Women’s Junior College of Beirut.  Then an 11th class was also added.   
 In 1950, on the Commencement Day a letter was read which was sent by the American University of Beirut.  The letter appreciated the efforts of the faculty and administration, and informed the school that from then on the graduates would be admitted in the Freshman Class of the university without entrance examination, but under the recommendation of the principal.  This showed that the Central High School was among the top 3 of the 32 high schools in Lebanon.
Now the school has an enthusiastic and fervent Alumni Association in U.S.A. and Lebanon which feels proud in supporting the school morally and financially.
The school is proud of its graduates in Armenia and Diaspora who are in responsible and leadership positions serving their respective communities as religious leaders, educators, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, writers, political leaders and others.

Together with quality education, the major purpose of the school is the formation of Christian and moral character in the student with Christian principles.

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  Armenian Evangelical Central High School  Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon          

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