Rules and Regulations
  Rules and Regulations in the Kindergarten Section
Daily Practices
- The students need to sleep before 8:00 pm to ensure active participation in the classroom.
- The students should get into the practice of opening and closing their bags and fetch their sandwiches; this will
     promote self-discipline and independence.
- The kindergarten starts operating at 7:00 a.m. the students should arrive not later than 7:50 and not before 7:00
   a.m. they leave the school at 2:50.
- The students come and leave in their uniforms provided by the school.
- The parents pick up their children from the KG playground and not classrooms. 
- The students leave the school at 2:00 pm on Monday and Friday; and leave at 2:45 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday,
   and Thursday.
The teachers are responsible to supervise for 15 minutes after the last bell.
The uniform is provided by the school:
- Navy blue pants or short
- Navy blue jacket
- Dark blue shoes (on the day of the sports white tennis shoes.)
- Boys should have neatly cut and well-combed hair.
- Girls should tie their hair with red, green, white or black ties.
Hygiene and health
- In case of any illness, it is advised to keep your child at home until he/she is well.
- It Is not allowed to send medications to school.
- Take care of the child’s hygiene, he/she should present to school with short/clean nails, ears and hair.
- Empty and clean the school bag on a daily basis.
- Sandwiches have to be prepared with care.
- Send with your child 2-3 sandwiches wrapped in paper and put in a nylon bag. The fruits and vegetables should be put in   a Tupperware.
- Print the name of your child on the coat and the bag.
- Put a label on the bag with the child’s name, telephone number and address.
- Print the initials of your child on his towel and uniform.
- Check for memos on a daily basis.
- To meet with a teacher, contact the school and take an appointment.
- Do not leave any messages with the caregivers; convey your message to the coordinator.
- The permission to go into any classroom should be given by the KG coordinator. 
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