Due to COVID 19 pandemic‘s social and economic consequences, we are all living unprecedented challenges that are bringing a lot of stress and anxiety. Therefore, we may feel lost and our objectives and goals may become uncertain. Students, however, are more likely to be panicked when life’s struggles come their way. Some of them have faced very real threats to their health and the health of those they love. This insecurity and uncertainty that they are experiencing at such an early stage in their life may leave negative effects in the future.

In this matter, our school emphasizes the importance of the counselor’s role and mission to help students navigate their worries. Our ultimate goal is to notice and study each student’s personality and behavior in relation to academic and educational issues.
Our doors are open for all those who need a smile, care, support, guidance, and constructive counseling. 

Real happiness can be achieved when the person’s surrounding understands them. We understand our students although the process is not smooth because of social distancing. Our warm attitude towards them and caring counsel will help them definitely to recover their overall psychological health.

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