Armenian Dance Club

The Armenian Dance Heritage has been one of the oldest, richest, and most varied in the Near East. Armenian Folk dance, is continually evolving, it provides a basis for ethnic identity. Involving Armenian students in the elaborate choreographies gives them a national satisfaction for their social and ideological needs.

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Cooking Club

It is a fun way to introduce students to the basics of cooking, and teach them the importance of healthy eating. The students who join cooking clubs have interest to learn new recipes and meet like-minded students who come together to share their love of cooking.

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Movie Club

This club gives the students the chance to explore the world of movies. With the help of the teacher in charge, they discuss the movie and reach to conclusions about lessons learnt.

Science Lab Club

This club offers a creative, hands-on approach to teaching student science’s interesting aspects. We emphasize creativity and individual discovery. Students are given opportunities to apply scientific principles they have learned in the classroom setting and learn by first-hand experimentation. 

  Rainbow in the Sky Club