General Objectives


The objectives of the Kindergarten Section include:

1. Having a specific agenda and a well-planned vision based on modern educational strategies.

2. Implementing the “Child-Centered Approach” in which children are autonomous and practice self-directed learning, active exploration, and manipulation.

3. Teaching discipline by being firm but fair at the same time. Children will learn that they have a choice; that positive behavior is always encouraged, and that boundaries are set on their misbehavior.

4. Raising children who learn to love Jesus and start to acknowledge the real meaning of faith.

5. Meeting the educational standards set by the school.

6. Implementing child-centered classrooms that provide cognitive challenges and facilitate the development of autonomy and social skills.

7. Implementing “learning through critical thinking and engaging in play”, away from authoritarian style of teaching, boring worksheets, and dull seatwork.